Ultimate Property Purchase Checklist: Essential Due Diligence Tips for Buyers

Before purchasing property, there are several key items that an investor ought to look out for. These can be grouped into four categories; Financial, Legal, Environmental and Physical.

The following is a checklist that can guide you to get all the necessary information before investing in that property. The list is however not exhaustive.

  1. Reputation of the seller/selling company
  2. Availability of ownership documents e.g title deed, allotment letter, share certificate
  3. Authenticity of ownership documents especially title, allotment letters, and agreements
  4. Official search certificate from ministry of lands
  5. Cadastral maps RIM maps/mutation maps/Survey plans showing the property
  6. Copy of green card
  7. Consent to transfer
  8. Matrimonial status of the property
  9. Encumbrances on the property; charge
  10. Servitudes
  11. Easements
  12. Caution
  13. Caveats
  14. Ground rent; payable and outstanding
  15. Land rates; payable and outstanding
  16. Beacons and distinct boundaries
  17. Evidence of pollution and/or land contamination either on the subject property or adjoining properties
  18. Approved land use by local authority/ zoning
  19. Planning regulations and statutory consideration
  20. Availability of water, electricity and sewer
  21. Neighborhood historical background about the property
  22. Title acreage vs ground acreage
  23. Encroachment
  24. Gazetted forest land
  25. Road reserve
  26. Wetland or prone to waterlogging
  27. Animal migration corridor
  28. Ndung’u report or list of revoked titles by National Land Commission
  29. Public land
  30. Soil type
  31. Outstanding legal cases
  32. Physical property inspection
  33. Structural and maintenance condition of the buildings thereon
  34. Building plans of the existing buildings
  35. Occupational certificate
  36. Infrastructural amenities such as roads, hospitals
  37. Social, economic, educational and religious facilities
  38. Market value of the property
  39. Market rent of the property
  40. Insurance value of the property

Property valuers are professionals who give comprehensive reports on all the above items. Get a valuer to do a due diligence report on your behalf before making that final decision to purchase your property. Save time and Save Money ultimately!


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