July 2022

Effortless Property Management: How Today’s Landlords Find Ease and Success

Historically, buildings have existed since the civilization of the human race and are the main form of shelter for human beings. Shelter is globally recognized as one of the basic needs of a human being. Over time, buildings have evolved from being mere shelters to become part and parcel of human existence, such that any service needed or given is somehow connected to buildings. With this growth in the...

Why Hiring a Real Estate Professional is Crucial for Success: Key Benefits Explained

The fact that you are reading this right now means you probably need a Real Estate Professional. You might also be wondering why you need such a person and for what exact reasons. A vast field as it is, I decided to break it down for you and make your work easier, so let’s dive right in. Property Valuation This is the widest division of the Real Estate Industry and the practicing professional...

Why You Should Hire a Property Valuer for Accurate Property Valuations

You have probably seen a lot of properties been advertised for sale and wondered who comes up with the selling prices. Right? Here is the thing, you can spend all the money you have and build yourself an amazing home in a leafy suburb in one of the cities but guess what, for official purposes, you will need a registered and practicing valuer to carry out a valuation and attach a value to it according to...

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